“Tyco Electronics Raychem GmbH” – Germany equipment

• cable accessories for all cable and wire types up to 700kV
• overvoltage protection systems /surge arresters/ up to 700kV
• adapters for MV Distribution Boards
• sealing elements, repair sleeves and tubes
• insulation systems for LV and MV busbar systems

“Pentair Thermal Management” (previouslyTyco Thermal Controls” – USA) equipment

• maintaining process temperatures up to 700˚С for all type of fluids in pipes and tanks
• delivery of all types of self-regulating cables and cables with constant power
• prevent gutters, drain pipes, ramps and driveways from icing
• LEAK DETECTION – detection, positioning and signaling of leakage in pipe lines with fluids of all types


Cabinets and Shelters, heating systems for them, temperature measurement and Sheet Metal Processing

Read more at www.schramm-gmbh.de

“Seal for Life”– USA

• passive protection against electrochemical corrosion of pipes and tanks – primers and electrical tape POLYKEN
• isolation systems for the compound of the locations for all types of pipes
• active protection against electrochemical corrosion of pipes and tanks – hotspot flexible polymer cable ANODEFLEX

Read more at www.sealforlife.com

“ELEKTRA” – Poland

Heating cables with constant power for building applications

Dätwyler Cable GmbH – Switzerland

• Fire safety and halogen-free, non-flammable cables, that retain their insulation integrity and functionality – NHXHFE180, NHXCHFE 180, JE-H (St) H and others
• Optic fiber cables
• Data and telephone cables

Elprom Trafo

Oil distributive transformers, power from 25 kVA to 7500 kVA output


Complete Distribution Switchgear

Distribution of SIEMENS equipment

• MV oil and dry transformers
• MV power distribution boards
• Low-Voltage Power Distribution and Electrical Installation Technology

Photovoltaic plants solutions

• step-up transformers with reduced losses
• power cables
• solar cables
• lighting protection

“TF Kable”, Serbia and “Novcabel”

Cables and wires for LV and MV systems


Sealed cable wall transitions

Automation and motor control

Cable terminations (Al,Cu and bimetal) according to DIN and BDS, cable sockets (Al,Cu and bimetal) according to DIN and BDS, isolators and disconnectors for LV, MV and HV systems

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